Pi Olive Oil

Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This superior quality extra virgin olive oil is hand-picked from centuries old amfissa olive groves and has an attractively soft aroma of mixed nuts, walnuts, almonds and pine nuts, with malty tones and a touch of lemons and fresh apples. Cold pressed within 24 hours of being harvested leaving a pure, golden and balanced flavoured oil that makes it suitable for cooking as well as for dressings.

It is a beautiful, ripe, delicate oil which creates flavours in the mouth that are equally nutty with some stalky hay and light milk chocolate. Gentle bitterness and pepper are well matched with the milky fruitiness all of which linger into the attractive after taste of sweet almond biscuits.

This long kept secret from the lands of myth and legends is a delicate style of oil with nicely balanced but low levels of bitterness and piquancy which is not only a flavour some addition to any meal it also brings numerous health benefits and is an essential part of any Mediterranean diet.

How To Use It

Ideal as a dressing for salads and with vegetable soups, but feel free to explore the taste with different ingredients to find your favourite. It’s intense but balanced, fruity with a hint of spiciness, artichoke, dill, hay and fennel.


Pi Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from 100% cold-pressed organic Amfissa olives and nothing else; no additives and we don’t blend it with other oils. It’s pressed within hours of the olives being picked and is left to settle for a month before being siphoned off, not filtered, so that the oil retains all its natural goodness and original taste.

The labels are marked with the date the olive oil was bottled and also given a batch number so it can be traced back to its original olive grove from around Pteleos.

Traditionally farmed and harvested olive oil from Pteleos in Greece.

Our Range

100% Pure

Nothing added, nothing taken away. Just 100% pure extra virgin olive oil.

Cold pressed

within 24 hours of being harvested, leaving a pure, golden and balanced oil.

Exquisite Flavour

Beautifully ripe and delicate ; equally nutty and gently bitter.

A flavoursome addition to any meal

It’s intense but balanced; fruity with a hint of spiciness, artichoke, dill, hay and fennel.

Our olive trees

are from groves around the village of Pteleos in Magnesia, eastern Greece. The name of the village dates back to the time of Homer.

The olive growers of Pteleos

have continued to produce olive oil by time-tested traditional methods for many generations.


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100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil