Greek Organic Mountain Tea


Tea (tsai tou vounou)

This tea is enjoyed throughout Greece, not only for its mild, smooth, deliciously appealing flavour, but also for its health benefits. Known locally as Tsai Tou Vounou – meaning ‘Tea of the mountain’ -it is often gathered wild; the dried leaves and flowers of the Sideritis plants (ironwort) are infused with boiling water to produce a drink that is slightly earthy with floral notes and subtle notes with hints of citrus and mint.

It has traditionally used to aid digestion, strengthen the immune system and suppress common cold, the flu and other viruses, allergies and shortness of breath, sinus congestion; even pain and mild anxiety. This panacea may have some basis in fact as the plant is known to be anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant.

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Revered for its abundant health properties and enjoyed for its mild, smooth, deliciously appealing flavour. Naturally caffeine free, the taste is slightly earthy with floral notes and subtle hints of citrus and mint.

It is a single varietal herbal tea, made from the dried flowers, leaves and stems of a native herb known as sideritis  Research has shown it to be as potent as green tea at inducing cellular antioxidant defences and with no caffeine it can be enjoyed anytime throughout the day or evening.

The ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates, the father of modern Medicine, hailed Greek Mountain Tea for its benefits to the immune and respiratory systems.

The brewing process is simple, just pour boiling water into a cup or cafetiere with a few mountain tea twigs inside. Excellent with honey, it’s also nice with cinnamon or lemon.

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