Greek Organic Thyme


Greek Organic Thyme 

Thyme one of the world favourite herbs originates from the Mediterranean area. One of the few herbs that retain its original taste when dried, the intensely pungent flavour compliments most meats, including chicken and game

Use thyme in stuffing for poultry or lamb or use as a marinade for olives. It is one of the ingredients of a bouquet garni together with parsley and bay. It also mixes well with other strong and aromatic herbs such as rosemary and sage. Pi thyme is considerably stronger than thyme produced in colder climates as it benefits from the Mediterranean sun and growing conditions.

Ever wondered why your Mediterranean cooking at home doesn’t taste like it does on holiday? Try using some of the real ingredients!

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Thyme is a native of the Mediterranean region and it known culinary uses date back to Egyptian times. The intensely pungent flavour complements most meats, including chicken and game, works especially when mixed with lemon as a marinade. Its robust nature means that it can withstand long cooking times. Our thyme comes from around Pteleos where it is grown at above 3000ft. Grown in its natural environment it gains from the high level of sunlight, making it taste far stronger than oregano grown in colder climates. Some uses for it may include:

  • Use in slow cooked dishes such as stews and daubes.
  • Complements meat dishes, stews, chicken, game and stocks.
  • Mix with oil, salt and garlic and drizzle over vegetables before roasting
  • Sprinkle into butter along with a little lemon juice and salt then rub on to a chicken before roasting
  • Add to a beef casserole with red wine, onions and garlic.

Besides being used in cooking, it is also said to have a number of health benefits which include its ability to reduce respiratory issues, boost the strength of the immune system, protect against chronic diseases, stimulate blood flow, prevent fungal infections, improve heart health, and relieve stress.


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